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Chili's fundraiser for OCC ends Oct. 5

Hey all, Phase II of the Chili’s fundraiser will end Oct. 5.  We have not yet reached our goal of $500.00 in sales to even be eligible to receive a check. Download a voucher on the First Free website or pick up a hard copy at the Welcome Desk at church. 15% of all proceeds goes toward the OCC cause. Be sure to show the voucher with the code # at the bottom when you pay. One coupon for one bill, reusable. Thank you for your support.

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Luke Olson

I didn’t know we had to reach a certain dollar amount to receive a check! Our family date night is now decided. :)

Carla Nakamura

Thanks anyway.  Perhaps no one knew except for the OCC committee

First Evangelical Free Church

First Free is an Evangelical Free Church located in Maplewood, MN. We are unashamedly committed to teaching and understanding the Bible. We gather on Sunday morning for worship services and Sunday School and Tuesday and Wednesday nights hold discipleship clubs for kids, youth group for junior high and high school students and adult Bible studies.

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