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Helping the Honl's

Hey Ladies! Emily Honl is asking for some help during the weekdays since she is still a fall risk and unable to carry infant Gabe around. She would like someone to come to her house for 1-6 hours anywhere from 8am to 2pm Monday through Friday of next week (7/31-8/4) to help with baby care.  She primarily needs help getting him from room to room. If you’re able to help please choose a day or two and let us know what time you are able to cover so that we can get as much time covered as possible. Thank you everyone for helping care for the body of Christ!

The Honl’s address is 1584 North Woodbridge Street, St. Paul, MN, 55117

Contact Abby Beard with any questions – 651-285-5754

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Helping the Honl's 07/31/2017 Abby Beard
Helping the Honl's 08/01/2017 Keturah Rothermel
Helping the Honl's 08/02/2017 Available
Helping the Honl's 08/03/2017 Keturah Rothermel
Helping the Honl's 08/04/2017 Caitlin Fultz

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Abby Beard

I will be there from 12:30 to 2 on Monday 7/31

Keturah Rothermel

I can do 8a-10a on Tuesday the 1st and Thursday the 3rd

Caitlin Fultz

I can do 10:30 to 12:30 on Friday!

Emily Honl

All great! Thank you. Honestly be prepared for me to pass off Gabe and want a nap.
If you can find alley easiest to park beside garage. Side door will be open just come in we will be in the bedroom.

Emily Honl

Wednesday is covered by my Mom.
Tuesday 1-3pm would be helpful otherwise day is now covered.

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